Experience with the use of Fungonis Gel

Henry from Berlin

Hello, I would like to share about your experience in the struggle with this unpleasant disease, such as mycosis and methods of struggle with it. And talk about it's an amazing resource, as Fungonis Gel. Experience with the use of Fungonis Gel Henry from Berlin

From childhood I loved to play football, often for days he was lost forever with friends at the stadium. And with age it is not scored it is your hobby. The summer turned out to be hot, the feet in sneakers heavily sweating, but I'm out of the habit of not paying attention. At first only appeared itching, thought it was just rubbed legs. But when I saw how nails have become yellow, the diagnosis was clear and without a doctor – fungus.

Decided to treat outdated agent – hydrogen peroxide. He lit the rest of the skin on the feet and nails as he was, and remained. And then my neighbor advised to order Gel to treat nail fungus and foot Fungonis Gel, said to himself with a sponge for several years troubled, and then almost a week this gel to cure.

I clear a thing, without immediately believed that it had read on the internet about this gel. Something like, imported, good means, only in the pharmacy can buy. Had to order on the website of the manufacturer.

Dauber first of all, no hope at the result. But already on the first day itching of the legs have become smaller. And after a week the itching and redness is gone. Then just grown healthy nails.

What can I say, it is an excellent means of so quickly that even one grandmother recipe is not restore the! Now maia for the prevention every day, from sin. And what is the most interesting, feet even sweat stopped, no smells. At first even it was unusual.

How to use:

Smear on the sick place carefully and the surrounding area. Better socks even wear to the gel is not erased and absorbed well. You see, socks, towels, slippers, it is all up to the ejection, and then again to pick up an infection. It is possible, and only cook, like, but I secured.

No one wish to this infection, but if you get sick – being processed Fungonis Gelwith him the mushroom you can win very quickly.

From Warsaw katarzyna

In the evening, after the pool, I noticed that I have flakes of skin on the feet, and the edge of the nail yellow. Right away she ran to the doctor, he confirmed that it is fungus. Advised Fungonis Gelwith his help, deal with mold literally in a few days of use.

Experience with the use of Fungonis Gel Katarzyna from Warsaw


Applied every day, before going to bed. After two weeks from the mold and traces of even your mom. When my boy, over half a year, also appeared the sponge, I already knew, than to treat it.

I can highly recommend Fungonis Gel all who are not walked around the side of this disease. And definitely follow hygiene, it is very important for healing.